Mergers & Acquisitions Manager


Role Description

The M&A Manager is responsible for the M&A strategy element of the Kramp Strategy by fulfilling a demonstrable key role in successful realization of Kramp’s inorganic growth strategy.

Areas of accountability

Identify and evaluate targets for M&A

  • In line with the company strategy and commissioned by the Executive Board
  • Researching market situation, market needs, possible M&A candidates, strategic fit, valuation, synergy identification, value creation and communicating recommendations to the Executive Board
  • Conducting investigations into the financial and commercial state of companies subject to a transaction

Pre-merger planning

  • Select preferred targets, prepare documentation, discussions with target, etc.
  • Approach targets directly or via intermediary
  • Lead the creation of all phases of the business case (market analysis, strategic fit, economic/legal models, integration plan) in collaboration with all internal stakeholders


  • Overseeing the negotiation of conditions and developing proposals, conducting negotiation discussions, declaration of intent, etc.

Transaction process

  • Ensuring all the regulatory aspects of a transaction have been considered
  • Preparing of closing the deal by CEO/CFO
  • Leading the transaction process, including coordination of internal working groups, management of all internal and external parties involved, due diligence process, legal review & documentation, tax structuring, etc.
  • Creating roadmap for integration

Post-merger integration

  • Designing integration templates that allow Executive Board to closely follow the process to completion
  • Managing the post-merger implementation processes tahat are tuned to the strategy, structure, human and cultural dimensions of the Kramp Way

Networking & cooperation

  • Build and maintain productive relationships with other corporate executives and business unit managers, with target company management teams, with industry/branches and professional networks that can assist in development of initiatives

Setting, monitoring and achieving KPI's

Values and competences

Core Values

Business principles


Everyone respects our family culture and contributes to this in a positive manner. We take our work–related responsibilities seriously and are fully committed to the quality of our work. We respect any decisions that have been made. We are proud, but at the same time we stand firm with both feet planted firmly on the ground.


We work together professionally, respectfully and on an equal footing, regardless of our position. It’s important to share successes and results with one another and to inform one another properly and in good time. We can talk to each other in person. We listen to one another’s arguments. We dare to be vulnerable and flexible. For us this means being open and honest, being straightforward, showing emotions, expressing crazy ideas, being innovative etc. If you are offended by someone's behavior, do not be afraid to discuss this with the person.

Customer First

Everyone realizes that our own attitudes and behavior are as important for our customers' success. We treat all customers with respect. We are aware that delivering parts is not a "nine-to-five business" for Kramp, so we adopt a flexible approach. We are easily accessible, both internally and externally.


This makes us pioneering and enterprising within our markets. We achieve this by thinking outside of the box, by being proactive and by taking the initiative. We also have the courage to take measured risks. We take responsibility for our own actions and accept that things can sometimes go wrong, as long as we always learn from our mistakes. We are constantly seeking to improve and optimize our processes and service.

Leadership competences

Description strategic

Change leadership

Energises and alerts others to the need for better ways of operating and creating value. Ensures that the change message is heard and understood by all people concerned, both inside and outside the organisation

Connective Leadership

Articulates and inspires commitment to a vision and plan of action aligned with organizational mission and goals. Encourages a sense of teamwork by leveraging differences. Facilitates the effective interaction and contribution of others to achieve goals. Manages and takes charge of employees in order to enhance their performance.

Customer Orientation

‘Be the essential partner. Continually searches for ways to create and improve added value for internal and external customers. Ensures the delivery of exceptional customer service and prioritizes

customer satisfaction.

Developing Employees

Demonstrates good judgement in spotting and attracting future high calibre talent for Kramp Facilitates individual development.

Execution Power

Demonstrates and encourages a sense of urgency and strong commitment to achieving goals. Plans and executes to ensure achievement of business goals. Takes personal and organizational risks to achieve success and supports who do so.

Principled Leadership

Gains confidence and trust of others through principled leadership and sound business ethics.

Self – Leadership

Has a clear view of the value to bring. Has an accurate picture of own strengths and development needs. Gains a wide range of opportunities and experience to learn from. Has a growth mind-set.

Works effectively in the face of ambiguity, shifting

priorities and rapid change.


Evaluates the internal and external business environment to develop a long-term vision and strategy for own functional area/team. Applies

appropriate logic to decisions and initiatives in own area. Develops the thinking and shaping of opinions on relevant business issues.

Job requirements

  • Five years of experience in the field of Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Pragmatic approach
  • High-level of academic performance
  • Strong financial and analytical skills
  • Fluent English, highly effective verbal and written communication skills
  • Excellent project management skills

Do you have a question about this role or our company? Please don’t hesitate to contact Stephen Campbell (Recruiter). 

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