“It’s a positive place to be. I get a lot of energy from working with my colleagues.”

“I came to Kramp from Royal Eijkelkamp, the soil and water research company, where I was a project manager. I wanted a position where I could learn, grow and be more hands-on. Kramp invests heavily in technology and digital transformation; I’m part of a 13-person ERP (enterprise resource planning) team, within the Digital Commerce and Technology department, which has around 140 people. 


I was contacted by a recruiter because I was looking for a role in ERP. I knew of Kramp, knew it was growing steadily and I’d heard great things about the IT department. I was excited about the direction and the potential. 


Three years later, I’m still proud to be working here. There’s a strong focus on developing yourself; if you’re prepared to take the initiative then a great deal is possible. I get 360° feedback from internal customers, colleagues and managers. They fill in my blind spots. I even asked the Director IT if we could discuss my career path and he gave me great feedback. It says something about the culture that even a director has time for me. 


In November 2018, I joined the Young Kramp board. It’s a network for the new generation of Kramp people, where you can share knowledge, skills, come up with new ideas, help others and interact (formally and informally) with people from other departments. There’s leadership training and personal development, and it’s fun too. 


The culture of Kramp fits me as a person. I come from a large family, and there’s definitely a sense of family here. It may sound strange, those core values of together, engaged, entrepreneurship and customer first; it’s almost an extension of myself. If you’re engaged in your career, you get the support you need to take it further. It’s a positive place to be. I get a lot of energy from working with my colleagues. Even the mission and vision statements translate to department level, so it all feels relevant. If I left Kramp, I’d miss the total professionalism and knowing that this is a place where, if you’re willing to grow, to learn from your mistakes by taking responsibility, then anything is possible.”