Think global, act local

Our organisation is built on the principle of “Think Global, Act Local”. It means we take a strategic view of our marketplace, centralised various departments for efficiency, use a remarkable distribution network to meet every customer’s needs and establish sales offices near our customers. 

It is the ideal way to work, for us, for you, and for dealers and farmers everywhere. It is where we stand apart from the usual e-businesses. We are not remote, we are not faceless; we are right there, living, breathing and understanding our customers’ communities. Our sales teams have unbeatable knowledge of their local markets. It’s a true personal service, backed up by category and product teams with extraordinary product knowledge.  

And as part of our commitment to local communities, you will find Powered By Kramp and Kramp franchise stores across Europe. Traditional retail availability in partner dealerships, designed to make everything easier for our customers. In one of our European countries, perhaps there is a role just right for you.