“Kramp has a real family atmosphere, and I enjoy the collaboration between an international team”

Joining Kramp, a company in the agricultural sector, was quite a change for me, as I had spent 15 years working in the fashion industry. A friend had seen on Facebook that Kramp was recruiting for someone with my e-commerce knowledge, and sent me a message to tell me about it.

My interview with Kramp was really pleasant, comfortable and friendly; a real discussion about the challenges in building the web shop and about aligning the digital direction with the rest of Kramp.

I had been involved in website development and e-commerce for about ten years before I joined Kramp; experience that included building an e-commerce platform from the ground up in a B2C environment. The focus on B2B here was a new challenge. Kramp Russia had also only recently begun to move online, so as well as the technical challenges of going digital, we needed to adjust the mindset.

That was really what convinced me to make the move to Kramp. The company had only just started its e-commerce journey, and I had a chance – as I had at a previous employer – to help make that transformation happen successfully, this time in a company with history!

A couple of months after joining, I visited Varsseveld and was really impressed. Such a lovely atmosphere, very friendly, a real family attitude. In the early period of the web shop development in particular, we worked very closely with the global team to make all the systems integrations, which I enjoyed. My first year at Kramp was certainly challenging, including the STEP integration and a huge pricing engine project, for which Russia was a pilot country. These projects required a lot of international collaboration. As we started to see the results of our work, it became more and more rewarding, and other large projects began, such as migrating our data from Varsseveld servers to here in Russia, reclaiming our .ru domain after extensive research and discussions, migrating from the old 1C ERP platform to the new one and launching a new basket and checkout for the Russian web shop.

I was also grateful to be offered Kramp’s Six Sigma training, because it allowed me to see at processes from another angle. It also gave me the chance to visit Varsseveld on several occasions to complete each module and meet people from all sorts of backgrounds and from around the company.

I like the fact that Kramp is dynamic and has an idea of where it wants to be and how to get there. There are proper strategies in place, for each country and department; I like to understand what the vision is and what our goals are. I also appreciate working in an international team, sharing information, and learning from each other. I think Kramp is an excellent place to work, an excellent company; my daughter, who is 14, is studying programming in Python at the moment – I told her that perhaps when she is a good enough programmer I could find work for to do here at Kramp!