“We’re a department of innovators and I can already see new projects appearing on the horizon.”

“I joined Kramp back in May 2016 as part of the new e-business marketing department. I had started to look around for a new, challenging role, but it was early in my search. I was already aware of Kramp – I play volleyball in the area, so I’d seen the building – but I had no particular interest in agriculture or awareness of the market. Then, a friend told me about the type of people Kramp was looking for, so I applied.  


I saw a growing company with a truly international mindset – just what I was looking for. It was great timing. And, before I even entered the building, I really had this feeling that this family-owned business, even though it is so large, would still have a kind of family culture. It felt right. I really like the vibe here; the good things I had heard were true. The people are friendly and helpful, even when you deal with other departments. Because you can’t do your job on your own, in isolation, you need help from other people and that kind of thing is fantastic here. 


My role is always interesting. We are improving online interaction for customers and there’s a determination to live up to that promise that “It’s that easy”. Now, I’m working for the Kramp Knowledge Centre. I get to interview customers to find out what they would find helpful, as well as speak with colleagues everywhere to find out what’s happening in the market. I’m involved in generating traffic via all online channels. Alongside this, we are speaking with a lot of colleagues and working with suppliers to provide our customers with dynamic, helpful content. And every morning, on that 20-minute drive to work, I’m already planning the day ahead, thinking “Let’s do this!” 


I love the fact that we have the freedom to set our own priorities. We’re not micro-managed. If I have an idea, I can go to my manager and we put it into action if it fits and if it adds values for our customers. We’re a department of innovators and I can already see new projects appearing on the horizon. Even if I wanted something different, there are so many opportunities within Kramp. 


Best of all is that supportive attitude from the company. I work part-time now, since I had my daughter. I’m still expected to work hard and produce results, of course, but there’s flexibility in the way my hours are organised, which is so reassuring. It’s the kind of attitude that means you’ll always want to give something in return.”