“If you are full of enthusiasm, committed, open to cooperation and enterprising, then Kramp is the right place for you”

“My earliest work experience was in the agricultural marketplace; my parents’ company owned retail stores selling agricultural parts, crop protection products, building materials and universal products. I worked for them during my economics degree and postgraduate studies in the field of EU funding. It gave me a taste for entrepreneurship and a good understanding of the market and the value of great customer service.

After a few years, I wanted a change and began working for VIN-KON S.A., a company producing juices, food concentrates and wines. I worked as sales manager, tasked with helping to achieve the greatest share in the market by increasing sales volumes, with a strong emphasis on food chains. We landed such retailers as Intermarche and Piotr i Paweł.

I joined Grene from VIN-KON back in 2007, joining as a customer assistant focusing on machine parts. The company was the market-leading agricultural wholesaler for the Nordics, Baltics and Poland, but I already knew of Grene, because the firm supplied my family’s business. Grene had a good reputation as an employer and for its strong position in the market, so it was a fantastic place to go when I felt I had met all the challenges at my previous company.

My first day was now almost 12 years ago, but I remember it as being emotional and fascinating. I felt a great respect for this well-functioning organisation and found I had an open and helpful team of colleagues. Three years later I became a PGM, focusing on transmission products like bearings, gearboxes, belts and seals, before becoming director of industrial sales.

I have worked on some exciting projects; beginning the partnership with John Deere, the leader in the production of agricultural tractors in the world, was a particularly big challenge and great responsibility. Currently, I am Field Sales Manager, responsible for sales to the B2B channel and managing a team of 15 Account Managers. I love building relationships with customers and the international Kramp team.

Kramp values a positive mindset; if you are full of enthusiasm, committed, open to cooperation and enterprising, then Kramp is the right place for you. I think I am a good example of how these qualities are recognised with opportunities and the chance to achieve professional success.”