Staff development at Kramp

Staff development starts from the initial interview

From the outset, we take into account individual preferences and personal talent. We take into account your tasks, strengths and aptitudes and discuss potential and prospects. Your induction and subsequent career advancement at Kramp are therefore individually planned. We use targeted training measures and training packages to promote your skills and actively help you to improve your specific career prospects.

Welcome on board: familiarising yourself with Kramp 

During the induction phase, our new employees do not merely get to know their immediate colleagues, tasks and departmental structures. New recruits also undergo a comprehensive training process to provide intensive, personal and interdisciplinary support in the Kramp world. This ensures successful integration into the workplace, professionally, socially and culturally.

Developing your skills: further development at Kramp

We nurture the skills and commitment of ambitious employees through learning on the job. In addition, individual, demand-oriented training programs as well as training packages for each business area are offered. From language courses to business-specific training: our individually tailored training opportunities will make you fit for your chosen career path!

Involvement in local and international projects, placements in European offices and intensive support from managers through coaching and performance reviews: all these measures expand your horizons and also improve your individual career prospects within our company. 

A foundation for the future: the Apprentice Academy

At the Apprentice Academy, we offer our young talent special workshops for their future careers, for example: 

  • You will learn how to appear confident when making group presentations 
  • We will teach you important presentation techniques and perform facilitation exercises with you 
  • You will work in groups to prepare your own projects, e.g. meetings, events 

We provide comprehensive training: leadership and management tasks

We use individually tailored programs to prepare our employees in a targeted manner for leadership or management responsibilities: 

  • Development of management skills through tailor-made programmes 
  • Targeted development of management skills by taking on appropriate tasks 
  • Coaching and monitoring by managers 

It is never too late to learn: Anjo Foundation 

The Anjo Foundation — the work of a lifetime

Anjo Joldersma, one of the directors and owners of the Kramp Group, handed over the management of the company to the new generation of managers after 36 years: "If I ever claim that I know it all, you can tell me to call it a day. I know you can learn something new every day. A company like Kramp needs to keep learning because it is a place where many people do their best every day. With the Anjo foundation, I would like to motivate these people to improve their skills and enhance their expertise…."