In their own words

You are probably wondering what it is really like to work here. Can it really be as welcoming and supportive as we say? So, don’t just take our word for it. Find out what our people say about their life as part of the Kramp family. 

“If you are full of enthusiasm, committed, open to cooperation and enterprising, then Kramp is the right place for you”

The company had a good reputation as an employer and for its strong position in the market, so it was a fantastic place to go when I felt I had met all the challenges at my previous company. My first day was now almost 12 years ago, but I remember it as being emotional and fascinating.

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“People like to stay here for a long, long time – it’s a really good environment”

Working at Kramp has been a positive experience. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but everyone here has been very welcoming, great at taking me in. I would absolutely recommend working here.

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“We’re a department of innovators and I can already see new projects appearing on the horizon.”

If I have an idea, I can go to my manager and we put it into action if it fits and if it adds values for our customers. We’re a department of innovators and I can already see new projects appearing on the horizon. Even if I wanted something different, there are so many opportunities within Kramp. 

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“It’s a positive place to be. I get a lot of energy from working with my colleagues.”

Three years later, I’m still proud to be working here. I get 360° feedback from internal customers, colleagues and managers. They fill in my blind spots. I even asked the Director IT if we could discuss my career path and he gave me great feedback. It says something about the culture that even a director has time for me.     

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